Saturday, November 17, 2018



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Hope you keeping warm and cozy during the snowstorm Koba. Great post

#1) Burt, I always thought you were a grade A class actor. May you R.I.P.

#2) Hope all the burners are off on your stove or your going to have hot-crossed buns. All hell, we'll put on a cup of tea and enjoy them.

#3) OH a leisurely breakfast in bed, would be just delightful with this manly man.

#4) F--k, and I don't have time to whack off. Oh man, to be surrounded by these hunky hot hairy totally naked men. I would be both on their men feet, while they do their snapping:)

#5) JUST plain YUMMY:)

#6) LOL.. Now I don't need my glasses on to know where this official is looking. But if I was him, I would get my nose as close to that young victor's hairy pit as possible:)

#7) Ah hell, any cozy corner will do it for us. In alleys, little corners of the gym, sauna's, steam rooms, bathroom stalls. Well you get the picture. WE NEED TO GET THE NUT OUT!!!

#8) You lucky bastard, NOW GET HIS SHIRT OFF!!!!

#9) Your killing me Koba!! OH the fantasies I have had about a room full of dudes like this, and I take care of every one of them. We are caught in a snowstorm, about 20 of us. Have to stay the night (remember this is my fantasy) they are all straight. THEY NEED a COCKSUCKER.. I give them all head, and then they sleep like babes in the woods:) And I have one of the biggest smiles on my face.

#10) Get ready big guy, I think you are going to get blasted by some white sticky goo:):)

Thanks Koba

Ciro Cirino said...

Pic. #6...The wrestling official holding the winner's hand in the air can't take his eyes off that dick. He'll probably follow him to the locker room.