Saturday, February 7, 2015


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Scott said...

NO MORE SNOW, EVER.. Yikes, another foot expected between Sunday noon and Monday night. There's no place to put it. Well onto these great photo's Koba gave us.

#1) Three handsome young man:)

#2) "As long as I can't SEE who is sucking my cock , it's all good":) (the word coming from the "straights")

#3) SWEET.. Big beefy older dude, with a smaller younger dude:)

#4) Hey, when you doing laundry you can were anything or nothing at all:)

#5) Now, this dudes are "Excited" to be working out:)

#6) Yes, loving this kind of pissing trough:)

#7) Hell, someone sucking my cock and another rubbing my thigh, I would be a happy camper to:)

#8) Wow, one really nice "treasure trail", that leads down to a nice thick slab of beef:)

#9) Let me at em:):):) I love to chow down on twin dogs in the middle of winter:)

#10) This dude gets an A+ for taking all that cream filling:)

Thanks Koba