Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday RamiFUCKcations!


Rick Jeans said...

Dayum! It's ram day!! 9 is totally rammed! That looks thick! One is good as voyeurs are always needed to make the fuck feel great.

Anonymous said...

Scott said

Oh yeah, that would be me, the young man in pic#1, watching as the cock goes into the hairy hole. SWEET as Honey..

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

Wow! that's quite a pile up in the last pic.

Anonymous said...

Said in Massachusetts

LMAO, pic#9, now he likes to take it up the "pucker", my "toy" is a little 5" and I never get off on it either. My tight "pucker" just can't relax enough to enjoy it:(

Anonymous said...

Wow someone doesn't mind if their being "doublediped"!!! Pic#3

Well I'm at it I wouldn't mind a doubledip ice cream cone right about now or a sweaty hairy man ass sitting on my face.

Very muggy here, sorry for being so brazen.