Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jack be nimble...


Anonymous said...

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
I defintely need to suck on someone's "candlestick":)

Thanks Koba for the extra.

Now to the gym, Work needs to be done.

E W Anderson said...

Lots of stellar action of which I'd love to be part!

Anonymous said...

Fuck ya, look at those thick pieces of prime beef in pic#2, especially the one that found it's way up that dudes butt..YOZAA


Justin said...

jack be nimble, but please don't be quick.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. Justin

Wow can't get over the salami that is up the dude's butt in pic#2..

I guess you have to have a nimble pucker hole to allow that python in.

I don't have a nimble "pucker" it's so tight it squeaks..