Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ass Wednesday!

Hey dudes! I'm back from the beach! Had a lot of fun, and R. & R. And couldn't have asked for better weather. Low to mid 80s the whole week and not a drop of rain! It's tough facing the brutal reality of returning to winter in Canada - from plus 27 C in Miami yesterday to minus 18 C here the morning! Hope you all had a good week in my absence! Here's an abbreviated version of Ass Wednesday. We'll get back up to full speed tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

My, My, looked who the cat dragged the "sunshine" boy returns:)

Koba glad you had some great R@R and great weather. Hope you tell us about some heavenly sights you saw down there??????

Was missing you big time, with that said, thanks for the next to last pic, looking at those furry cheeks and crack will keep me warm today.


TornJeans said...

Love the first and 3rd pic!
Welcum back. That was a fast week!
Be sure to check my blog ass I gave you a hand.
So did Stan and Ray.
We miss you!

E W Anderson said...

"Men #s 3, 4, 5, and 8-- GET ON YOUR KNEES and lean forward so that I can ravenishly 'tongue and mouth' fuck you!"

Anonymous said...

Brad said...
Welcome back Koba, hope you had "fun" in the "sun".

Wow, Mr "Wellbreed" with his wide back and full Moon ass is doing it for me this evening. Fuck ya, let me at those feet too.

Last pic

karl said...

Welcum back!

Anonymous said...

Imagine the last dudes ass sitting on your face, you most likely couldn't breathe. Man oh man what a way to go..LMAO..