Friday, January 10, 2014



Anonymous said...

Hot pic and he's still a good looking gentleman today.

One of the greats, Bobby Orr, born in Canada, and played with the Boston Bruins (NHL) for 10 yrs. (1966 to 1976) Pic#5

Thanks Koba, seeing this handsome dude in just his jock is a treat. Never seen that pic before.


Anonymous said...

Man, I should never comment till I had my coffee..

That is the great Bobby Orr, but he's the jock wearing the jock in Pic#6

Sorry guys

Ray's Cowboy said...

2 and 3 works well for me BIG TIME.. Koba I bet you would really work well for me in so many ways.


Stan said...

Looks like Leo is ready for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I just got this incredible craving to chow down on a chocolate covered banana:) Pic# 5

Anonymous said...

Brad said...
Oh dude, you didn't have to jerk that nut out of you, I would have sucked that nut out of you (look no messy fingers):)


karl said...

Leo Giamani showing us his hairy hole.
Just wish we could show him ours back *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute, I have been around a few 24 hrs, is that really a pic of the great Bobby Orr in his jock cup? I am sure I would never have missed that.

Koba, enquiring minds want ("need") to know. Pic#6


Bill S said...


W T F ?


Anonymous said...

Bill, I think Koba, I had a tough week, so it was "Thank Fuck I'ts Friday."

Koba said...

C'est lui-meme, Pierre. That's No.4, Bobby Orr!
What a great bush he had!