Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

And congrats to Brazil on winning the Confereration's Cup yesterday! What a game! And I have tried to revert back to the smaller format, but unsuccessfully, as you can see. For the Winner's post today, I checked "small" format, which didn't work. For this post, I selected "original size." I really don't know what Blogger is up to. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions? I will keep trying, guys! Sorry!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I know one thing, you showed me enough of the hunky dude in pic# 4 to fall in love:):) What a handsome dude, love to get at those hairy pits and his nice nips..

Upton King said...

Not having this issue. It is a shame, too. That said, your lead photo is smoking hot. Wow. I wish Blogger was not so problematic. Take care. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Stan said...

I've have the same problem too.
Happy Canada!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you get the problem fixed, but for me, hell, I just need a little glimpse of a man's body parts and my cock heads NORTH:)

I do like the last pic with the two cockheads saying hi to each

Axiom2001 said...

1---...hairy, hot, hung. ...definitely my kind of man. hell of a hot ginger man awaitin some torrid action!

3---I'll volunteer to entertain that big, beautiful bulge!


5---My mouth would devour his after he's gotten that big, beautiful dick satisfied prior to my indulging on it!

6---...looks like he'd be lots of hot fun!

7---"May I join you 2?"

9---I like it deep and wet as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Axiom 2001, too funny, but #4 wouldn't me shy for long, I would get him to spread those hairy legs, and show me the beef:)

Justin said...

Try xtra large for all pics. If that doesn't work adjust your widths. Good luck mate. Love the bigger size.

Raymond Hilliard said...

My favorite is number 4. But all were nice eye candy. Love the big nipple guys and big dicks.