Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!


O!Daddie now at http://smokeyandme.typepad.com/ said...

Last guy's gonna post this to his Facebook page?

karl said...

Sometimes all you want is someone to fuck you in the ass....whatta Im saying, ALL the time!
I wanna be IMPALED on a cock!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Wished I was having fu n with these Men. Really Koba I wished I was having fun with you.


Koba said...

You're a naughty boy Karl! (I like that!) :)

And me, too, Ray!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I cannot find anything that drives me so crazy and so excited like a fat hard cock. I do not have preferences about race or even length. My only demand is the cock to be thick.

From time to time I take some time to think about how I love sex and everytime my conclusion is that having the hole stretched by a cock, hardly, being hung with no mercy until the cock starts to pulse faster and strock all the seeds inside of me. Honeslty I prefer to tast it in my mouth but there is not anything that makes me feel the most submissive than taking all the load inside (very deep) the ass and being obliged to keep it inside, not being allowed to leak out even a single seed. It is one of the best sensations I ever had the pleasure to know in my life!

Sex is everything but both parts have to feel comfortable and connect. It is fucking exciting to being bred by anonymous, but then the act loses the sense and becomes a casual exercise, and it kills the purest pleasure, that one to make us say: I love to fuck!

In Brazil: mild2wildbra@hotmail.com