Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Reader Pics!

Hey dudes! Hope all of your ramiFUCKations have been good ones today! I've got another hot reader submission for your viewing pleasure! Dude says he a daddy-type and is 43 years old. Doesn't say where he's from, but I suspect it's someplace that gets some cold weather, given the longjohns. (I know I've got mine on today!) In any case, daddy has a very nice cut cock and big hairy balls! I bet he's got a nice bush under those thermal drawers as well, but I guess we'll have to wait for more pice to determine that! ;-) Thanks very much for sending these in! Please show your appreciatiojn in the Comments sections and send in your very own hot pics to KOBAPHOTOS@GMAIL.COM


TornJeans said...

Very nice. Two pictures is not enuff! Send in more, please

Ray's Cowboy said...

This Man has a nice looking cock. sure to suck on it nice and slow. Would lov eto see more pictures of him.


general said...

Hey guys - thanks for the comments. The pics are of me. I live in upstate NY, near Albany. I am a bit of a 'show-off", so email me and I'll send more pics. mm4minrott at yahoo