Saturday, July 28, 2012



Ray's Cowboy said...

Koba would love to spend the weekend with you... Having fun in bed, showers and all that goes with it. These Men are having fun. hope you have a great weekend.


TornJeans said...

They all are gonna have a great weekend for sure! Have a good one, Koba! Hugs!

Bill S said...

The white undies guy is hot. Love the smile and the whole package!
Thanks Koba!

More hugs!!!

Axiom2001 said...

#1 These 4 guys are certainly going to have a "truly hot weekend amongst themselves for sure!"

#3 He's fresh & cute! I like my tongue to overdose on his body, front and back, high and low!

#s 4 through 10: All are ready to receive the hottest of tongue baths, front and back, high and low throughout this weekend! I have a mouth which ALL would dellight and enjoy!!!!

karl said...

Isnt that wallpaper in the ninth picture hideous?!? Couldnt possibly have a jerk in that.
Oh, go on then Ill give it a go.
The second pic is divine!!!!!!!!!!!

roger said...

I'd like to suck off that last dude in his SUV