Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ass Wednesday


Anonymous said...

I love pics: 1; 3; 6

Stan said...

#8 please!

Anonymous said...

aime beaucoup la photo 1

karl said...

Never mind the balls [for once] its that hole in 1 [hole in one! LOL!] thats getting me going...

axiom2001 said...

Number 1 1 would provide a very tasty and huge feast!

Number 4 What a hot ass!

Number 5 ...quite lush!

Number 7 ...a fresh, virginal bud awaiting to be opened with mouth and a big, big uc dick!

Numbers 9-10 I want to give both a hot and deep rimming until they both squirm and pant!

Koba said...

Glad you all liked what's on offer!

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

that first one's too hot for words - those low hangers, graced by a deliciously, ever so slightly, furry manhole .... H O T !!!!!

Anonymous said...

These drive me NUTS!
Squeeze 'em
Hold 'em
Kiss 'em
Lick 'em
Rim 'em
Tounge poke 'em
Finger 'em
One finger two fingers three fingers four;
Watch my phat cock disappear in 'em
Feel that pucker quiver tighten and yield;
Writhing grinding locked together
Simultaneously moaning groaning dumping our loads

Fuck! See what your Ass Wednesdays do to me?!
I think it would be fun to take a weekly poll/vote for an "Ass of the Block" posting like you do on the Sunday "Cock of the Block"
Any one else agree?

Thanks for yet another amazing Ass Wed posting!