Friday, September 27, 2019

Thank God it's Friday!


Butch 57 said...

Awesome TGIF post Koda!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great TGIF posting Koba!

#1) Ah, that's the only time when you can get away with checking a dude out in the locker room (and he catches you), Just say "Man, those are some nice tats you have". Most well say "Thanks". Then when he enters the gang shower at the gym, and his back is to ya, CHECK AT HIS ASS, ALL YOU WANT!!!

#2) Oh big boy, I'd eat your ass, but man that big hard booty would kill me if you sat on my face!!!

#3) Thank you for your service man, now can I be of "service" to you?

#4) AHHHH, who do you think is enjoy it more???? I have a feeling it's 50-50!!

#5) OH, we are looking young man.


#7) Leo's ready to paint the town red with that open outfit!

#8) Now buddy you have the perfect size bi's. Not overly huge, just right!! Woof

#9) Let me at your sniff nip, well you play with your pre!!!!

#10) What a beautiful piece of meat. I suddenly got the urge for a huge piece of chocolate cream pie!!

Thank Koba