Thursday, September 19, 2019

Open for Business!


khakibum said...

I want all these furry bums (especially) to sit on my face, one after the other. When they got up they'd find their hairs sopping wet from my spit, but they shouldn't mind, having experienced what it took to make them so wet.

lftcsterik9 said...

Hey, give a guy some warning that you are about to pop a line up of glorious arseholes on the unsuspecting. But, thank you. I have enough fantasy fodder for the arrival of Autumn. Erik

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Now that's the kind of "Open for business" signs that I like to see.

#1) Oh young lad, now but your head down and relax, I'm going to go to work on you. All ten toes, both feet, tongue your pucker, lick those balls, suck your cock, tweak your nips then kiss those beautiful lips of yours.

#2) Don't worry buddy, I can see your "pink pucker" quivering. Just wait till I get my tongue in there. You might even nut without touching your cock.

#3) I've had tough dudes before. "Butt" when I rub their bubble butt cheeks and tongue their man-holes, they whimper like little babes in the woods.

#4) We have a hairy situation here, butt I have a feeling that I'm going to do you up, just fine.

#5) Hey Cowboy, you go ahead and enjoy your beer. I'm going to part those beautiful hairy cheeks of yours and find your hole, with my tongue.

#7) Woof, I better act fast, he's about to catch his own "nut". Feet, toes, pink pucker, fat balls, and once nice thick cock. I want my mouth on all of it.

#8) He wants it BAD!!

#9) Could never say no to you handsome!!

#10) Woof, don't your worry I'm going to take good care of you!!

Thanks Koba

Pelota3 said...

Number 2 be my guest!

bignate said...

Business is good!

Bruce Jensen said...

Come on over Butt #5!!!!!

Tony60416 said...

Who is the stud in #6? I'm gonna check out that blog for more like him!!