Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving/Columbus Day!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Thanksgiving Koba, and to all your fellow Canadians. Eat, drink, and enjoy family. Though Thanksgiving is not here in the US, till Nov, I'm very thankful for this tremendous post you gave us today!! Oh, and Happy Columbus Day to all my American friends.

#1) Oh yeah, heavenly sights in the locker room:)

#2) I'm with you buddy-boy, lick that hairy, sweaty, funky pit:)

#3) That's nice, that you let him out for some fresh air:)

#4) Someone's having a Thanksgiving feast of his own:)

#5) Don't mind us young man, go ahead and stroke it!!:)

#6) Connor, can suck a mean cock. The thick cock that he's enjoying could very well be attached to Girth Brooks. They made one or two great vids together. Very hot:)

#7) That "cocksucker" is getting the job done.

#8) Man, would I love to have that cannoli with a nice hot cup of tea:):)

#9) Oh my, SWEET nectar of the gods:):)

#10) Oh young man, I'll be right there, to do the clean-up:):)

Thanks Koba, and have an extra piece of pecan pie for me.