Saturday, October 7, 2017



Axiom2001 said...

During the next two days and nights-- I'd like to savor all of the luscious succulence of morsels #s 2---3---4---6---and---9!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Thanks Koba, you put a smile on my face with this pic today. Why I find it so adorable I can't exactly pin point it, but I'll try. Oh yeah, I know why now, a big beefy macho dude, acting silly as he's taking his man tubby. Love his rubber ducky on top of his foot. Man, how the heck would you caption that photo? Just plain adorable:):):):)

#2,3) Now this dude, knows how to give the family jewels the royal treatment:) That is some serious "ball room dancing" going on. I wonder how the judges would grade this, on DWTS:):)

#4) Yeah baby, grab that veiny shaft, and suck like there's no tomorrow:)

#5) Oh, I'm breathing alright, right down, between his hairy legs:)

#6) Young lad, you have every reason to show off that beautiful thick cock of yours:)

#7) Beautiful piece of dark meat that this cocksucker is enjoying:):)

#8) Woof!!! His zodiac sign must be Cancer, they love to play in the water:)

#9) Oh my things are getting a little "cheeky" here. Well that's what you get, when you bitched slapped:(

#10) OH buddy, you need both hands to handle that Whopper:)

#11) Holy Creme de mint Batman, I could go for a thick, creamy, rich, smoothie, right about now. Now this dude knows how to give a great facial:):) I'll be coming back to this gem again:)

Thanks Koba