Saturday, September 30, 2017



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

OMG, what Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!!

#1) Where do I look first??? At the cocksucker's beautiful eyes, the thick cock he's feasting on, the beefy dude that's getting that great blow job???? I just don't know, maybe all of the above, while I tug at my cock:)

#2) Wouldn't mind getting a peek of that hanging beef at the urinal!!")

#3) Hey I'm "up" for the challenge, young man you want that foot-long sucked on?:)

#4) Yes, beefy hairy dude, what your hearing in those head-set is correct "This is Scott, I want to take off your clothes and lick you from head to toe":):):)

#5) OH my, That DR, is "milking" that lads prostate:)

#6) Buddy-boy, wouldn't tease me to much, I'd come thur the computer, and lick your nuts, like they NEVER been licked before:)

#7) Don't be afraid young man, look down, at what your feasting on. IT's a beauty:)

#8) Oh you can show and tell me anytime:)

#9) F--k, my mouth is watering, and I just had lunch:( Heck, always room for dessert, and after that I'll need a nap:):):) Wow, that cock is Scrumptiously delicious!!!!

#10) Koba, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, ok, after I lick his cock clean, then I'm hibernating for two weeks:):):) LOL... Heavenly sight (to me anyways:)

Thanks Koba... Excellent post

Axiom2001 said...

Although I was fucked royally by a big dicked hot Puerto Rican who was one hell of a panther in bed, I'd like to meet #s 1--2--3--6--and 9 during this last weekend month and the beginning of another.
I'd have afterglows for at least two weeks!