Monday, September 4, 2017

Labour Day Monday!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Labor, Labour, day to everyone. Great posting Koba!!

#1) Ah yes, the men enjoying a communal shower together after a nice workout:)

#2) Whoa, I'll definitely be coming back to this floppy meat today:) Very nice hairy bush and legs to. SWEET MERCY, love how his cups his balls to!!!!

#3) OMG.... Beautiful, nothing more to say!!!!:):)

#4) Now if you have to work on Labor day, this is the way to do it:):)

#5) The boys sharing a hearty meal:)

#6) Scott never takes Labor day off, if it involves sucking cock:):)

#7) OH my, the "compass cock", it will always lead you in the right direction:)

#8) UM, AH, UM, I was going to skip the gym today, but that loose "python" might change my mind:)

#9) So sweet, getting in shape, and getting some sweet loving at the same time. I have seen this pic before, and always love it.. So darn sweet:)

#10) I know I make some crazy faces, but I love watching a dude's face when he's "nutting" and grunting. Oh yeah, that young man is having a great Labor day facial:):)

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

What "bountiful beauties" grace the computer screen on this Labor Day Moday in the US. It's time to feast!

Anonymous said...

Well said Axiom2001, and hopefully in about an hour, I will be "downing" some HOT DOGS, Sausages, and a side order of MEAT-BALLS!!!!