Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy Hump Day!


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Hump Day posting indeed Koba!! Happy Flag Day, for all in the United States.

#1) Hot dude with a hot cock, and some nice balls:)

#2) Now that's a great way to spend a lazy Wednesday Afternoon:)

#3) Sports dudes, relaxing and letting it all hang out:)

#4) Oh yeah, you play with the football, and that cocksucker, is eventually going to get down and play with your balls:)

#5) Wow, that is some kind of water fountain!!

#6) Cool ride, Cool cock:)

#7) Hey handsome, loving that white basket of yours:)

#8) Enjoy, that is indeed a fine piece of man-meat:)

#9) That looks mighty refreshing indeed:)

#10) Woof, would I ever, like to clean him up:)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

The last photo is especially delectable. Great hairy chest and torso soaked with his seed. Mark at Treasure Trail.