Monday, June 26, 2017

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba!!

#1) Someone's very happy to be in the shower:)

#2) I love being in any kind of room full on naked dudes.

#3) I suddenly got the urge to chow down on a chocolate covered BANANA:)

#4) Com-on buddy, wake your co-worker up by shoving your cock in his ass, or turn him around and get on that fat cock of his. It is a beauty:)

#5) Oh young man, move that hand down lower, that is one nice package he had cooped up in his pants:)

#6) A coffee break like that, makes the day go by so much faster.

#7) These two well dressed men, found a nice cozy place to have some man to man play:)

#8) Laughing my ass off.. a hard hat, on top of a "German helmet". BTW, what a hot hard hat dude:) Woof

#9) That is guys, he needs a break to:)

(10) Lucky Bastard.. Hey got double cream dipped:)

Thanks Koba

Unknown said...

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