Friday, June 2, 2023

Thank God it's Friday!



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Fantastic "TGIF" posting Koba!!

#1) "Ah it's that pest Scott knocking at the window again, to come shower with me. Well might as well let him in, or he just doesn't stop. Well at least my back will get a good scrubbing!!"
#2) Always have, always will like this pic. I can think of a few scenario's how I would like this to go down. Heck maybe it just a dude comparing his penis size to the other guys. AHHHH, one never knows. Maybe a "caption this photo" would help us out Koba?
#3) Now that's how you get your work out partner motivated to do his bench pressing.
#4) "It's the same way I smile when I order a large pizza as it's how I smile when Scott texts me saying he's coming over to give me head, with leave the door open instructions."
#5) OH cutie, I'll definitely take one of your free hugs.
#6) You lucky bastard you, once nice cock to suck and some very loose balls to lick.
#7) "My fuck buddy Scott is never late, I bet he checking out that straight dude's dick in the locker room again!!"
#8) Get ready with a firm helping hand you just might get a shot in the eye.
#9) Oh my someone is bound to work late at the office.
#10) Buddy I still have about 2 hrs to get my FNF!!! Glad you enjoyed yours.

Thanks Rick!!

Koba said...

Thanks Scott! I'll see what I can do re the caption post ;-)