Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Happy Hump Day!



lftcsterik9 said...

Another 'Tour d' Force' on Hump Day -- Start with a Shower STUD then encounter Number Two saying "Christmas Miracle" to me and to the virgin hole about to be licked.
Number 3 -- Who doesn't love a pink cherry pucker hidden in a furry ass?
Number 4 is "assuming" the position for his 'Santa' adventure.
Number 5 displays the furry thicc thighs of my future ex-husband!
Number SIXX is "AXXEL" -- I sure hope he's queer.
Number 7 is for anyone with a foot fetish.
Number 8 IS the reason soccer is so popular.
Number 9 a perfect tan line and Number 10 -- Mauna Loa!

Michehot said...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, I'm a happy camper with this "HHD" posting Koba!!!

#1) Oh my I have to start doing this exercise at the gym. Woof!!!
#2) F--k ya, that dude is in heaven having a warm wet tongue near his hole:)
#3) Fresh winking star fish, looks good enough to eat:)
#4) Ripe for the licking. You just keep looking forward, pay no attention to the guy coming through the crack of your window, to get his tongue in that sweet ass crack of yours. What a nice ass!!
#5) First things first, off with the underwear, I have many a places I want to sniff around.
#6) Oh handsome no glasses today? Well I certainly see where I want my tongue to go. Now lie back and lift those legs. OH and feel free to take your socks off.
#7) NOW, this cutie knows what I like. Don't have to tell him to take his socks off:)
#8) Guys if you want to ask Koba for anything ask him now. He's always in a good mood when he's seeing Eden's ass:)
#9) Don't know exactly why, but this pic is a turn on for me. Maybe it's the way he has his nice pineapple swimming trunks pulled half way down. Maybe it's seeing his lily white butt cheeks against that dark tan of his. Could it be, I'm wondering if he has a medium thick cock he's holding. Heck I'll just bust a nut looking at it.
#10) Yup, just from looking at #9, I did this:):):)

Thanks Koba!!

Jesseryker said...

Hey Koba i want #4.. I’d feast all day and night on that 🍑… checking your blog daily keeps my wiener semi hard and leaking because i get so horned up.. 👅 thanks man..

Koba said...

Thanks guys! And Jesse, yeah, No. 4 is pretty special! And Eden, of course!