Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesdsay Ramifications!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications Koba

#1) Nice, the boys enjoying a nice hot tubby:):)

#2) While your stirring your protein smoothie, my cock is stirring in my boxes, looking at those hot legs of yours. Now I'm completely hard looking at what your packing in those nice red shorts:)

#3) OH my, someone likes to be tied up!!

#4) Love to get that beautiful cock, nice and wet, before he goes in for the kill:):)

#5) OH yes, he not going to let go, till he catches releases his "nut":)

#6) OH my that either a really "cummy cock" or that's going to be a really clean cock with all that soap:)

#7) Boys, just having a great time:) Woof that top has some really nice "guns":)

#8) F--k, I would ride that handsome longed legged to. That lucky bottom, and I don't say that often. But my hole is twitching for that top.

#9 OHHHHHH, I can feel it going in:):):):) That top, won't last long, that is a really tight fit.

#10) Just love when a dude shoots his warm was on my lower back:):):)

Thanks Koba