Saturday, May 6, 2017



Damien said...

I farking love the WS pics.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Koba you know how to warm the cockles of my heart. Another rainy, dreary day here in Central Ma. But, this is one Wonderful Weekender's posting:)

#1) My, what a great hairy chest, that leads to a beautiful "treasure trail", and great bush. Oh please don't keep that cock under lock and key for to long, it's a Beauty to behold:)

#2) OH yes indeed, you mix boys, buddies, and beer, together, you know some hanky panky is to be had:):)

#3) With those beautiful eyes wide open, and sniff nips, this lad is enjoying what he's touching:)

#4) Heck, I'm envious, I want to be at this shin-dig, enjoying that nice weather and the "heavenly sights", instead of the dark, damp, dreary day we have here, in Massachusetts:(

#5) Heck, I'd even drink his piss (and that's not really my "cup of tea", but that is such a beautiful cock, my favorite, the medium thickie. Might I add, beautiful hairy legs and what looks like a nice man-bush:):)

#6) Boner for me:):) Show me some muscle, and your fury pit, and I'm a "sucker":):):)..Woof

#7) PLEASE, PLEASE, let me join in boys, you can stay on his delicious cock, I want to get on those sweet loose balls:):):)

#8) OMG, I would spread my lilly white ass cheeks, for this alpha male (and I don't take it up the ass, that often)

#9) F--K, and right after the Alpha male gets done with me, I'll take that medium thickie right up the poop-chute) Oh my goodness, Koba, your turning me into a "BAD BOY":):) Woof, that cock is a Beauty!!

#10) FROTTAGE, at it's best.. Well Koba you have succeeded wonderfully, on getting me hard today!!!

Thanks Koba