Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Hot post Koba, it will get me to the gym today:)

#1) WHAT IS IT????? Naked men in a locker room gets my engine running everytime:):) Man you would think I've never seen cock, balls, and ass before.. Hell I have all the same body parts.

#2) Wow that is one fine looking gentleman. Awesome body:)

#3) Nice, let that python breathe:)

#4) I'ts settled, right after this posting I'm heading to the gym, for a great workout and then HOPEFULLY be doing what that lucky dude is doing. He has his hands FULL:):)

#5) Heck, you get a bunch of hot horny dudes after a game in the locker room and ANYTHING can happen:):)

#6) Wow, Lucky bastard, gets to chow down on two chocolate covered Banana's:):)

#7) That's nice, I want someone to sweep me off my feet.. Beautiful pic.:) I do like a dominant man:)

#8) Let me at him:):)

#9) Buddy you hold on, I'll be there in a few.. I'll suck that fine cock of yours and lick those big sweaty feet. I am a pig sometimes!!!:)

#10) OH I think the boys are going to have fun, playing with their ballS:)

Thanks Koba, very hot post

Anonymous said...

i'd love to lick the sweat out of their cracks and throat for their cum ;0.... mostly 2nd to last!