Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Saturday - Get Outdoors!


Ray's Cowboy said...

Love to be outdoors, mostly withyou Koba. If you are nto available I will take 6th and 8.


Stan said...

Some great hot pics of outdoor activity!

Anonymous said...

#1 My----what treats await the man who's on his knees. I'd trade spots with him at the snap of his finger and thumb!

#2 What hot mouth....

#5 Yes, I'm ready!

#7 ...such a long, sweet dick that's awaiting to be sucked dry!!!!

#8 I want them now!

#9 I want him. He can treat me rough!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen Ricky's hung-cut-thick
cock on other sites, this pic is
new & hot! (now if he'd only let that sexy hairy chest grow!)

Anonymous said...

That first photo shows the real way to support our gallant troops. Wearing a stupid ribbon is childish. Just get down on your knees in front of them and give the guys what the really need--a nice relaxing blow job. Every army unit should have its own designated cocksucker.